Troutfest New Braunfels


GRTU’s Troutfest Texas is the largest event of its kind in Texas and brings out a crowd of over 3,000 people interested in fly fishing and preserving and protecting cold water fisheries. The event is hosted by the Guadalupe River Chapter of Trout Unlimited, the largest TU chapter in the country with over 5,500 members.

I have been to Troutfest, and if you are an avid fisherman/fly fisherman or woman, you do not want to miss out on this amazing fly fishing event! With thousands of people, all lovers of fly fishing, the event is one of the biggest fly fishing events around the world! There are dozens and dozens of booths giving out, showing, and even selling awesome fly fishing/fishing/outdoor gear and equipment, and they all love fishing and being outside themselves! It is like a fishermen paradise!

There are outdoor and indoor booths, all kinds of food, and local craft drinks! And of course I’m only fourteen, and although they do have great local craft beer, I like there Root Beers!

Not only do they have all those amazing thingst, but one of my favorite things is the pool pond filled with Rainbow Trout you can catch with fly rods!


Troutfest was SO fun, and I can not wait for next years! It is so cool to be able to go hang out with other fishing enthusiasts! I got tons of cool fishing gear and clothing while I was there, too! like a bunch of fishing stickers, a couple hats, a shirt, 2 posters, a bunch of hand tied flies, and the contacts of almost all of the people running booths! If you want to check out their website, I would highly recommend you do! And, you can watch my video I made at the 2020 festival above! The annual festival is AWESOME, and I am looking forward to next years event! 2020’s Troutfest took place on the beautiful Guadalupe River.