Fishing Port O’Connor

While you go in Fishing Port O’Connor, you can wade the back lakes and fish the jetties for Trout, Reds, etc. And when you feel like catching a monster Red Snapper, Ling, Grouper or Shark, you can go offshore. From three inch long Pin fish to Sharks bigger than me, we will catch it all when fishing Port O’Connor!

Fishing Port O'Connor


Fishing Port O’Connor, Texas

Fishing the coast is always a blast! I have caught my personal best Red Fish, Snapper, Ling, Shark, Trout, Flounder, Sheep Head and Drum. All while fishing down in South Texas in the Gulf Of Mexico, and each time the fish seem to get bigger! I have been fishing since I was five, and I have been going there ever since. I love fishing, and have a lot of “Secret Spots,” and I like them all, but Port O’Connor is my favorite!

Every time we’re down there we go fishing, and here is what our early morning coast house routine is. Wake up at 5:30 AM and get the boat ready. Leave the house at 6:00, and stop at the Corner Store for a drink and breakfast. Next head to Froggies bait and boat ramp to get bait and put the boat in the water. Be on the water at around 6:30, and be fishing by 7:00! Then, after a day of fishing, come home for a bowl of chili! Check out my blogs on fishing Port O’Connor!

Saltwater Fishing in Port O’Connor, TX

I love salt water fishing, and there are a ton of great spots for salt water fishing around the world. But when you go to Port O’Connor you know you are bringing it to the next level! When down there, there are so many spots to fish, it gets hard to pick where you want to go! And they are all loaded with fish!

My favorite thing to do in Port O’Connor is go fishing from seven AM to eleven AM. Then coming home to my grandads house and eat lunch, then in the after noon go wading by the beach. While there, go throwing my cast net for salt water minnows and catching crabs, come back home, then at nine PM. And last but not least, go fishing on piers under green lights for Trout!