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If you are looking for pond supplies to build your own pond, then The Pond Guy is right for you!

As some of y’all may know if you watch my YouTube videos, or if you read some of my older blogs, you will know that a few years back I built a DIY Backyard Bass pond with pond supplies from The Pond, and it is AWESOME!

Well, just recently, I built the 2ND BACKYARD BASS POND on this channel! And, yet again, we used pond supplies from The Pond! We actually used a kit called The AllClear Ecosystem Pond Kit. If you want to learn more about it the AllClear Pond Kit, read my blog about it HERE.

The Pond not only sells some of the most reliable and high quality pond building supplies on the market, but there customer service is INCREDIBLE. Weather you are looking to build a DIY Bass pond, water garden, or pond-less waterfall, The Pond is the best choice for you (like, by far.)

The Pond Guy

Backyard Bass Ponds

So, like I mentioned above, a few years back, we built a Bass Pond in my backyard with pond supplies off The Pond Well, just a few months back, I began to work on the 2nd Backyard Bass Pond in my backyard, with a kit called The AllClear Ecosystem Pond Kit from The Pond Guy. If you want to learn why I chose a pond kit for the new pond click HERE. If you want to know why I love The Po0nd Guy so dang much, click read THIS!


As some of y’all may know, in addition to this website, I have a YouTube channel under the same name. On my channel, I documented building both the 1st and 2nd ponds in 3 part video series. The most recent pond build series will be linked above, and the old pond build series below! I would love it if you would check them out, and maybe consider subscribing to my channel!


Ever since my first experience with the products and amazing team over at The Pond Guy, I knew they were the people I wanted to deal with.Their incredible customer service paired with all the awesome pond stuff they sell makes them the best. If you are looking into building a pond of your own, check out the video series above. In that 3 part series I show you not only how to build your own pond, but also take an in depth look at an awesome pond kit they sell.


They don’t just provide stuff to build ponds too. They have tons of blogs and tips on countless pond related things. You can get onto The Pond Guy’s website knowing nothing about ponds, and come out ready to go!


A big thanks to the people over at The Pond Guy for all the amazing stuff they do! Until next time,