DIY Fishing Projects

If you don’t already know, DIY stands for: Do It Yourself. And, you may be surprised to find out that there are tons of DIY projects that have to do with fishing! They may be practical hacks that will help out with your fishing game or keeping your gear organized. Or, just a fun build (Like the $100.00 DIY Fishing Boat I built in the video to the right!). They are all fun to do, and I love showing y’all them!

On my channel, I have made a DIY budget boat, and, a part 2 on that video where I UPGRADED my budget boat! I also made an early video on my channel where I show you how to build a DIY Nerf Gun Fishing Rod! More recently, I even made a video where I went out and fished with it!

My favorite DIY Fishing Projects:

All of the videos I have mentioned above are featured on my fishing YouTube channel at Hudson’s Fishing Adventures! I would love it if you would check it out an maybe consider smashing that subscribe button! 

Not only have I showed you how to build DIY Fishing Nerf Gun Fishing Rods and a DIY Fishing Boat for $100.00, but, I also made a 3 part series on making 2 different types of DIY Fishing Lures, and even a a video where I went fishing with them! But, all of that is on a  different page, so click HERE to check that out!