Fishing Bigfoot, TX

Now, when you think of fishing Bigfoot Texas, you probably think of big, well known bodies of water, like lake LBJ, Inks Lake, or Lake Bastrop. Or maybe a big river, like the Guadalupe or Frio River. Even a local pond you like to fish! Well, of all these things, I can bet you for sure don’t think of this one: BIGFOOT, TEXAS!

Fishing bigfoot

Fishing Bigfoot, TX

Well, like I said above, you probably don’t think of Bigfoot, Texas, as a place to fish! Well, if you look around in Bigfoot on the google map on the top right corner of this page, you can see that this very tiny Texas town is sprinkled in little ponds and lakes! Some of which are stream, and small tanks public to the community, others of which are private.

I personally fish a private lake I have access to in this small city, but there are ways for yo to fish too! Like I said, there are lots of small tanks and bodies of water, so if you live in any surrounding towns, like Devine, maybe check it out and see if you can find some public water! And, if you LIVE in Bigfoot, and want to know how to transform your tnak or pond into a great fishing spot for you and your friends and family, check out some of the videos I have above and below!

This city also has an interesting history, and a cool museum if you want to check them out!