Fishing Seadrift, TX

I love fishing the Texas coast, and I fish Port O’Connor a ton because my grandad lives there. But, there is an awesome small Texas coast town right on the edge of Port O’Connor, and fishing Seadrift is a must! Seadrift is an epic tiny town full of fishermen, fishermen, and, well, fishermen! Seadrift is not only a hot spot for saltwater fishermen, but it is also known for great Flounder Gigging! Check out my YouTube video below to see just that!

Fishing Seadrift

Fishing in seadrift

Fishing Seadrift, TX

Fishing Seadrift is becoming my go to hot spot,  and each time it is a blast! My family gets there via car, and actually boat! When we get to Froggies, Port O’Connor’s local bait store, and they run out of bait, we head up to Seadrift! And, as I mentioned above, fishing Seadrift is know for it’s incredible Flounder Gigging! I made a YouTube video last year where I went Flounder Gigging with my dad and grandad! It was for my birthday, and we went with guide Dustin! We hammered some big Flounder, and did a full on recipe with them, and they turned out amazing! 

It would be awesome if you would check out my video above, and maybe consider subscribing to my YouTube channel for more cool content and fishing adventures like that! If y’all are ever around Seadrift, I would recommend you check it out! I love any chance I get to fish, and whenever I am any where near saltwater, you can always catch me with a ultralight and a small hook! Dropping down a piece of dead shrimp under docks is SO fun in saltwater, and you NEVER know what you are going to catch! I have caught Ribbonfish to keeper REDFISH doing just that!  Don’t forget to watch my videos on fishing Seadrift and get out there!