Easy Kasting

Its OFFICIAL. Hudson’s Fishing Adventures has a SPONSOR—Easy Kasting!
As some of y’all may know, I made a video series on making DIY lures on my YouTube channel.
Well, Easy Kasting sells everything you need to make you own DIY lures! They saw my videos, and reached out to me asking if I would be interested in a partnership! And of course, I SAID YES!
Maybe you are looking for some Bass jig skirts to fix your skirt less jig, or want to PAINT your own Crank Bait!

Or you just want to fill your tackle box with lures, or even just want to add some sweet EK merch to your fishing arsenal! EK is made for you!

Check out my video below to learn how to make DIY Bass Jigs from scratch out of supplies from EK!
Read below to learn more!

Easy Kasting

There have been countless times in my career where I will be fishing with a Bass jig or spinner bait, and catch a fish on it. But, when I release the fish and am ready to cast it back out, I realize there is no skirt left! I don’t want to throw away a perfectly good spinner bait or jig.
But, it is pretty pointless to fish with it skirt less. Well, that is where Easy Kasting comes in!
You can buy all sorts of skirts in TONS of colors and patterns on their website to revamp your lures!
You can also buy jig heads, and spinner bait bodies off their website! How about customizable jigs and lures, ever hear of that!?!?!
EK doesn’t only sell supplies for jig and spinner skirts.
They also sell powder paints for lures, Alabama rigs and crank baits.

They even sell already built lures, lure making kits, and, of course, some sick EK merch!
You can check out the videos above to see my experiences with EK!
Then, I can assure you, you are going to want to get some supplies off EK! If you watch the video, you will also see I have a discount code for Easy Kasting that will help you save!