Skirt tabs

What are Skirt Tabs?! (and where can I buy them)

What the heck are skirt tabs?!

Well, there is an answer! Skirt tabs are small strands of silicone, that go onto the middle of your spinner baits, bass jigs, etc. They add naturalism and volume to your lures, and really complete them!

Without skirts, your lures look very basic, and simple. For instance, you can through a swimbait on the back of a jig head, and it looks very plain. Well, if you also have skirt tabs on the middle of the jig head, INSTANTLY your lure had a much more natural profile. The skirts, depending on how many you add, can also increase the size of your lure. This can be key when you are hunting larger predatory fish.

Not only are skirt tabs useful for everything listed above, but they are also a great way to allow you to CUSTOMIZE your lures! You can choose what color your skirt is, how many colors you skirt has, how many layer of skirt tabs you are going to use, and even how short/long you skirt is!

Skirts are not only a BLAST to make and put on your lures, but they can really step up your fishing game!

Where can I buy Skirt Tabs?

This is a commonly asked question. Once you learn what skirt tabs are and how to use them, you might want to go purchase some of your own…….. one problem….. where do you buy them?

Now, if you want to buy high quality, durable, long lasting, and EPIC LOOKING skirts, you need to go to the pros!

Easy! Easy Kasting is a website that sells all SORTS of supplies to make your own lures! Stuff to make your own Bass Jigs, Spinner Baits, A-rigs, and more! But, what they specialize in, you may have guessed it, SKIRT TABS!

Easy Kasting has always and will always sell some of the best Skirts out there! They are so awesome, and I can PERSONALLY vouch for them, because I have made Bass Jigs, Spinner Baits, Buzz Baits, and more lures using their skirt tabs!

I have even made some video on making DIY Lures using supplies and skirt tabs from Easy, so I will have those videos linked below! Now that you know what skirts tabs are, and where you can buy them I encourage you to go out an experiment with them!

Pick up some different color skirts from Easy Kasting, along with all the other supplies you need to make skirts (you can learn everything you need to make skirts in my videos below) and start making some! I can assure you you will be very pumped with how they can turn out!

Until the next fishing adventure,


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